Multiple Cures For Herpes Simplex 2

He did inoculate a certain number of tubes, but also noticed there were some that weren’t used at all. He got a sample of a mouse brain that had been infected with the Herpes virus and decided to add it to the few remaining tubes. He had hoped that the virus would grow in the few last test tubes. However, Weller did notice, the varicella cultures weren’t growing but the Herpes cultures did.

This major development was indeed something that did help to facilitate vaccine research in a major way and did permit the development of various vaccines against Herpes. Enders, along with his other colleagues, who did included Thomas H. Well and Frederick C. Robbins were all properly recognized in 1954 for their contributions to medicine. They were given a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (12). Some of the other very important medical advances that did lead to development of successful Herpes cures came about with the specific identification of three Herpesvirus sero types. These specific serio types did include Herpesvirus Type 1 – PV 1, Mahoney, PV 2, Lansing, and PV 3, Leon. This finding does state that prior to paralysis, this virus must be within the blood, and if antibodies are administered that are gamma-globulin. These are just a few of the multiple herpes cures.

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