Moving Furniture the Right Way

There are a few reasons why you want to move furniture around. You may be taking it home from the shops after buying it, you may be moving around your home, or you may even be moving home completely. When moving your furniture you need to primarily consider your own safety, then the safety of the furniture.

First and foremost when lifting furniture you need to do so in the correct way; you lift with your legs, not your back. Always keep your back straight and upright and bend your knees to pick up and place large items. Never try to lift anything that you think you cannot take the weight of comfortably because if you drop something heavy you can end up injuring yourself and others around you. One good tip on reducing the weight of furniture to make it manageable is to remove any drawers and unhinge any doors that may be attached. This can greatly reduce its weight and make it a lot more portable.

You would normally only have to move fully built pieces of furniture if it is within your own home, and when buying furniture from a shop, it would normally be delivered for you or come in flat pack form. However, just because a piece of furniture may initially be boxed up in flat pack, it will still weigh exactly the same as when it is fully constructed and you will therefore have to use the correct method to lift it safely. Never be afraid to ask a store attendant to help you lift your newly bought furniture to your car either, they may even have a trolley you can use to wheel it there easier. One way to make sure your furniture is delivered to your door eliminating the need for you to carry it too much is to buy online from outlets like the Room4 Interiors furniture store. However, always check with any furniture store that there are no hidden costs involved in the delivery or you may be in for a surprise.

No matter what your reason for moving furniture around, always do so safely to protect yourself and others around you. Not only that, but replacing or repairing broken furniture can work out costly too.

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