More Green Offerings From The Designer Pet Boutique

In the past, we have told you about the lines of organic food that a designer pet boutique might carry, as well as gourmet, homemade treats. Those lines have since expanded to include a wider variety of items, which, when purchased may wind up doing good on a global scale. Many of the products of this nature that a boutique carries are made in impoverished or low income companies, often thanks to donations from business people all over the world. Purchasing one of the items will enrich their economy, and allow the business owner to repay the favors that they were given to get started. Other products might have been made by an entrepreneur from this country, so making a purchase will support cottage industries, who in turn, will most likely volunteer or donate to a local shelter.

Among the new items listed in the inventory of a designer pet boutique that qualify as green are bedding, clothing and grooming items. Some of them could probably be given away as gifts for the upcoming holiday season, if you think about it. When shopping for clothing for your pet this season, look for those made out of organic cotton, with lines including jackets, sweaters, overalls and jeans. Green bedding options include beds made out of recycled materials, crate pads made out of recycled foam, and pillows made out of recycled clothing. For grooming items, look for shampoos and scents made out of all natural ingredients, guaranteed to not cause allergic reactions in either pet or owner. Look for ingredients like lavender, chamomile, green tea and citronella, which doubles as a natural flea repellent, as well as smelling heavenly.

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