More About Drum Debarkers

Drum debarkers are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the standards in the industry. This is a high energy producing equipment which is energy efficient, easy maintenance, and increase dramatically over the highest level in the industry. This machine has a competitive advantage, therefore operating costs are reduced and production rates are increased.

The main application of Drum Debarkers is to allow perfection while reducing white wood losses in an easy maintenance power system.

Drum debarkers are available in a range of sizes of diameter 2.7 to 4m to any appropriate sizes. It’s supported by a rubber tire drum which meet the standards of the industry , which has the highest specification of 38mm ( 1.5inch) shell thickness, 7% to 11% bark slot area and 30,000 ib. In addition, it also has rate axle assemblies and maintenance and safety features that are in the drum system of the competitors.

Mobile drum debarker systems are also available. Overlay, a drum debarker that can process from as little as 15 tones per hour up to 400 tones per hour can be supplied. The following are the types of drum debarkers and their applications.

Mobile drum debarker

Mobile drum debarker is applied at woodlands or remote wood yard. The quality features of this debarker are high therefore its price is higher. It has 4 or 6 quality engines, full reversing hydrostatic drive system, gate, back chutes, and a back conveyor belt. The production rate in soft wood is more than 50 tones per hour. These drums will outperform consistently with a low operating cost and no replacement of chain and tips. Mobile drum debarker produces debarked hardwood logs and it is ideal for log landings. When used in tandem with a whole tree chipper, it is used in chip production.

In conclusion drum debarker are significant since it can be applied in different fields.

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