Mobile Apps for Insurance Agents

We live in a time where mobile apps are a staplename an activity, and theres an available mobile app for it. Whether youre an Android, Windows, or iOS fan, theres always an app that you prefer for productivity, games, and entertainment. What about your work? Where can you put that list of ODI approved schools for insurance renewal? Are there insurance apps that can be useful to you as an agent?

Here are some apps that will come in handy and are of great help to insurance agents, wherever you are:

1.CamScanner (iOS and Android)
Remember those bulky photo and document scanners that you always use whenever you need to send important files to policyholders and clients? That device can now be replaced by your smartphone with CamScanner. The application takes a photo of the document then scans it and make the file look crystal clear, just like a scanned document. CamScanner is free, but note that theres a watermark for all your files if you dont get the paid version of the app.

2.Geico (iOS and Android)
Geico allows policyholders to access their records anywhere and at any time. If your client wants to manage his/her policy, pay bills, or access digital ID cards, then this insurance app will be of awesome help. Geico can be entertaining too, with free games that you can play in-app when you get bored of all the insurance stuff going on your phone.

3.Evernote (iOS and Android)
Ah, the all-around mother of productivity. Evernote is always there for you when you want to list down your newest clients name, or if you just want to jot down those Ohio Department of Insurance license renewal approved schools that you have searched on the internet. A note-taking app will always be an insurance agents best friend, and Evernote is perfectly suited for the job due to its ability to sync your notes across all platforms: PC, phone, and tablet.

4.Kayak (iOS and Android)
Kayak serves its purpose to those who want to travel with its no-frills interfaceand insurance agents, especially those who are working freelance, will have to be on the road most of the time. The app can help you book your flight, hotel, and see the lowest prices and promos available in your location. You dont have to fret about booking everything anymore and just focus on getting the job done whenever you have a business trip.

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