Miami Beach Neighborhoods

Miami Beach has some of the most unique neighborhoods in South Florida. This exclusivity with the distance of the life-style South Beach offers makes Private Island living in Star Island and Indian Creek Island an appealing choice for the rich and famous.

An artificial island created by Carl Fisher and completed by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1922, Star Island real estate is becoming a number of the most highly-coveted land in the United States. The luxurious houses of Legend Area are located within the area of Miami Beach, and are on one of several islands sitting in the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve. Star Island is found east of the Hand and Hibiscus Islands, and just south of the Venetian Islands.

Properties on Star Island are incredibly special, with there being less-than 35 on the entire island. The vast majority of the locations are waterfront houses, with sweeping views of the bay. Star Island estates generally include dockage for the many ships and yachts which can be seen sailing throughout Biscayne Bay. The island has only one major road linking the mansions which gives no public access to the waterfront, creating owning property here the only means of truly appreciating all that it has to supply. There are various websites available such as , and many more that are providing the detailed information about Miami Beach real estate property.

The privacy and security of the island, in conjunction with the intensive house measurements and incredible bay views have consistently attracted the celebrities and entrepreneurs for the shores of aptly-named Star Island.

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