Menus In Nutrisystem Select Plan

The Nutrisystem select plan is a premium weight loss program for Nutrisystem’s users. It is divided into two parts for women and men. It lasts for 4 weeks. During these 28 days, users get the food delivered to their doors and no math is necessary to calculate the calories. A program simply offers users to choose food they want and which is planned by a program. The program includes also fresh-frozen meals. Among fresh-frozen meals people can find Chicken Alfredo, Pizza Margherita, omelets, macaroni with cheese and more. Users may be pleasantly surprised that the program offers variety of ice-creams and sweet sandwiches. Click here to know Nutrisystem discount code 2014 – get 40% off plus 3 weeks free food plan info.

The Nutrisystem select divides eating habit into 3 meals per day plus a dessert or a snack. Breakfasts are rich in carbs and sound traditional, so people can feel comfortable while eating pancakes, omelets, toasts or cereals for breakfast. Lunch is not too big, but offers variety of ingredients. For lunch users can choose soups, pasta, Mexican food, etc. Dinner is rich in flavors and offers pizza, lasagna, hamburgers, ravioli, etc. Desserts are available in form of chocolate cakes, cookies, bars and similar. For snack users can pick pretzels, popcorns or herb crisps. Some menus are available for vegetarians too.

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