Meet The Key Team Members Of Eventures Unlimited

The success of any business depends on its key team players and their visions of taking the business to new and improved heights in the future. Only when the members start thinking in the same direction can the goals be reached just like the key team of Evenetures as well.

Let us take a brief look at the profiles of all these magnificent people who have been working as pillars of support behind the smooth flowing and success of this business:
We start the list with Donna Minner who is the President of Eventures. Donna has been associated and working in the hospitality industry since 1984.
Then we have Bob Minner who is an engineer, and finds managing this business not very different from manufacturing a product.
Next in the list is David Minner who joined Eventures full time from the year 2003. David has earned a degree in Business & Audio Production.
Meet Olivia Hammon, she has been working with Eventures since 2001, and is also one of the key team members who has her fair share of contribution in building long term relationships.
Now we would like you to meet the transportation and meet and greet expert of our team Howard Ragazzo who has been with us since 1997.

There is more to the company and you can know more about the team members as well. Hence, Please Visit Eventures Unlimited if you want to know more about the company.

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