Mayweather Wants to fight Hatton

What are left are the WBC and its garrulous champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr who has been calling out Hatton for many years, with no success, and although he has a world belt of his own to brag about it doesn’t seem to be something he is able to barter with. Ricky Hatton probably got ten times the maximum amount of for challenging Juan Urango as Witter earned for your defense of his very own title the identical night. That reflects their respective market appeal. It also explains why the Hatton-Witter match has never been made, despite the mutual animosity and the entire verbal. Witter is so awkward and has this type of weird style that nobody really would like to fight him, and never many want to watch him either. He’s capable, though, and if certain things fall into place it could be that Ricky will end up having to face his mouthy critic after all.

Junior Witter includes a mandatory defense coming against Juan Lazcano or Vivian Harris. They meet inside an eliminator on February 10th. Witter must fight well to conquer either of those, won’t be paid a life changing sum to accomplish it, and no matter how impressively he performs there won’t be any resultant clamor for any showdown between himself and Ricky Hatton. It would take a lot more to have that drum rolling. It could take the kind of thing that promoter Mick Hennessy is working on today.

Hennessy says he’s in talks with all the people around Diego “Chico” Corrales. He says there’s strong interest on the American end and seems quietly certain that a match can be made between Corrales and Witter, provided Junior hangs onto his title the next time up.

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