Material Removal


Conventional shearing: this is a metal cutting process by which flat surfaces are cut using cut using a scissors-like action and is usually in straight lines.

Turret Punching: this creates shapes in the work piece by successfully punching a series of some basic shapes. Edges are normally cut by shearing action of the punch and the die.
Blanking: during this process, different shaped are usually created in the work piece by applying a punch and die.

Material Removal

Sawing: this is a type of cutting in which the cutting tool is usually a blade having a series of blades and where each tooth removes a small amount of material. This process is typically used in shaping raw material to the approximate size of the part and this comes prior to additional processes.

Drilling: this process produces holes in work pieces and this is enhanced through the use of fluted cutting tool.

Grinding: this is a chip removal process and the cutting tool used is an abrasive grain wheel. There are different types of grinding which include cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding and internal grinding.

There are some other advanced methods that can be used in sheet metal fabrication. These processes include laser cutting, electro discharge machining, wire EDM and waterjet cutting.

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