Losing Water Weight

The water weight causes swelling or bloating in the hands, legs, feet, wrists and ankles. There are many reasons for this condition and diet can be useful in the mitigation of the condition in some cases. The retention of water in the body might be caused by unhealthy food habits, lack of hydration or intake of some drugs. The incidence of certain serious diseases also might result in the retention of water. When retention of water is observed, consulting a doctor is necessary to rule out the possibility of any serious diseases. Then, the water weight can be lost by choosing to subscribe to a healthy diet with the help of nutrisystem; log on to deals prism to know more details.

Natural diuretics are available for losing weight. Balanced and nutritious food items like vegetables, dairy products having low fat, fruits, lean meat and whole grains may help in dealing with this condition. There are some specific food items that help in the loss of water weight. Raisins, bananas, avocados and apricots contain potassium which is useful in regulating the fluid level in the body and water retention is avoided. Nuts, green vegetables and seeds contain magnesium that can cure water retention. Fiber contained in cabbage, whole grain cereal and whole grain rice aids digestion and is useful in treating bloating and water retention.

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