Looking For Youtube Success

Ive been looking for YouTube success for the past few years. I put up videos and I tag them really well – using all the knowledge of SEO and search that Ive gleaned from my marketing studies, but its still hard to get hits on my videos – not a single one has ever gone viral and a few havent even hit the thousand hit mark.

My Work is great

I know my work is great and its distressing to me that I cant get any attention. I do everything I can to ensure my success, but so far my efforts have been fruitless. So many videos go viral, and I wish I knew the key to their successes.

One of my friends suggested that I try to buy Youtube views. At first I was appalled at the idea – it seems so dishonest, but soon she showed me how useful bought hits can be.

Stand out from the crowd

Every day thousands of people upload videos, large and small, gumming up the works for everyone else who is trying to get noticed. Even if your work is unique and original, if it gets choked out by 100 videos it doesnt do anyone good. By purchasing hits you increase your relevance in the YouTube search engine and are more likely to get seen, shared and reach that elusive viral video status that everyone wants. Purchased hits show commitment to your product, and they can be bought very cheaply – $10 will buy you $10,000 hits or more. Theoretically, with unlimited money, you could make yourself the top video on YouTube.

Buy YouTube videos for fun and profit – if youre serious about getting your work out there you will be glad you did. Its an inexpensive way to make a big impression on your video performance.

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