Legal Issues of Pocket Knives in Canada

When you picture a knife you either think of knives in your kitchen, the knives you use for everyday tools, & other times you think of them as deadly weapons. Knives are useful tools & they require them on a every day basis. Whether you are a cook, a hunter, a fisherman or require to cut open a box or cut a piece of rope, knives are very popular tools. However, although they are thought about useful tools, the Canadian Government believes there still needs to be laws to regulate the kinds of knives Canadians can own. In Canada some best throwing knives are illegal no matter what they are used for. In case you live in Canada, how do you know the difference between a knife that is legal & ones that are illegal? It depends on the Canadian Federal laws, your local Canadian police department & your local provincial laws.

The Canadian Criminal Code, Article 84 covers the laws regarding illegal knives. The article defines a weapon as any object designed to be used in causing death or injury to any person or anything designed to be used for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person. By this definition a butter knife could be thought about a weapon. However, having a knife on your person does not make it illegal. According to the law, a person with a knife must have the purpose to make use of the knife as a weapon. With this said, you cannot be blind to the fact that any pocket knife can be threatening & may cause serious injury.You can also visit to get more info.

The kinds of knives that are restricted in Canada are knives  you can open automatically. An example would be a switchblade. Switch blades are folded knives that have their blade under spring tension. Some switchblades are side opening & others extend out the front. The blades on these knives are quickly deployed by pressing a button to release the strain on the spring quickly extending the blade. These knives are hard to be justified as being tools. How often would you buy a switch blade to cut rope or open boxes? These knives were primarily designed to be weapons.

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