Learning the Environmental Impact of Greenhouse Gardening

English: Barringtonia neocaledonica, Jardin de...
English: Barringtonia neocaledonica, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, new-caledonian greenhouse Français : Barringtonia neocaledonica, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, serre néo-calédonienne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gardening which involves harmful elements affecting our environment are mostly neglected by many gardeners. Generally, when we say Greenhouse gardening, most gardeners uses organic means in growing their crops. However, there are some that cannot totally avoid the use of chemicals. If you are concerned about this issue, learn the following ways on how to reduce damaging effects of artificial fertilizers.

Build a compost pit and use the compost as fertilizers. Not only it is considered pure organic but also lessen kitchen waste, thus giving you a much cleaner home environment.
Dispose cleansing solutions and bleach in a safest manner. Otherwise, it can harm your greenhouse garden because of toxins and other chemicals draining into the soil.
Be aware of ways to conserve energy. Use programmable thermostats to minimize energy usage in your greenhouse. Go for solar panel systems to reduce electricity bills.
Being organic means zero-chemicals. Instead of using harmful pesticides, use the bug elimination in a natural way. Organic bug control is the best way. This is done through the use of wintergreen repellents and valuable insects.
Conserve water by providing drainage trays to catch dripping waters. Also, it is helpful to maintain a water log for each plant.
Practice recycling old things. One good example is making a fishermans line made of old CDs to scare birds and other animals that can destroy your greenhouse garden.

The benefit of growing plants in the greenhouse could be the controlled warmth inside which are different from the warmth in an open area. Furthermore, greenhouses were also built to be able to keep your plants from bugs, pets, extreme warmth and humidity. Plants inside these greenhouses will also be irrigated meaning there must be sufficient water supply to the plants.

Minimizing the impact of major environmental factors through greenhouse gardening guarantees more healthy crops as well as healthier atmosphere for living. While young children are usually trained environment practices nowadays, older decades might have to research guidelines in lessening the environment impact of farming within the eco-friendly house or the greenhouse. Town library or the government department concerned are perfect assets to educate yourself regarding the environment impact of greenhouse gardening.

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