Learning a bit about web design and web hosting

With many changes in the way business is done these days, I think it is about time that our own family business to be more into the 21st century. With the urging and the help of my eldest son who have just graduated from college, he told me we can make our family business become an online entity too, simply by making a website and using the internet as a means to conduct business and transactions. I am in agreement with this one as I have been seeing a downwards trend in clients and buyers over the last several years, and if I dont do something about it, I will really lost this business. Good thing my son took up computer and web design, so he has no problem in designing the website. The next thing, he told me, was that we would look for a web hosting service which would give us a dedicated hosting service so that our business can finally lift off in the web.

I only know how to use the web to email some clients or some relatives, and even facebook or twitter, but I never thought that our own business would now have to be online. Though it was my son who is in charge of this process, I wanted to know more about web hosting and website design, so I took the liberty of researching all about it. What I found out was that the website is just the first step. Designing it was just a piece of the puzzle, and once you have the website done, it is up to the web hosting service to rent you out a space in the internet, for a fee, and this space can be utilized for a whole lot of things you would want. It can become an online storage space for computer files and data, a database for your inventory for the online site, and as I discovered, you can even rent out the server space to other people for a profit. It really has become quite interesting for me, and so now that even if my son is the one taking charge of the website design and looking for web hosting, I try my hand in learning and understanding the nooks and crannies of this web hosting and web design so I can help him out a bit in time too.

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