Laser Cutting Machines And Power

Laser cutting machines and power

The speed of cutting any material using a laser machine is directly proportional to power. Thin materials can however be cut very fast using a machine powered by 150 watts. The machine also becomes slow when cutting very thick materials thus one is required to use the recommended laser machine for specific tasks.

Warnings and precautions

When using a laser cutting machine it is always advisable to observe safety first by carefully handling it. A laser machine emits high energy enough to tear through your skin in seconds. Avoid dangers such as skin burns that may result in skin complications by putting in focus the task you are doing. Always follow the safety information guide provided by the manufacturer when using the machine.

Cost and maintenance

Laser cutting machines range in prices depending on the type and quality. CO2 types are quite cheaper compared to the fiber ones. The cost of maintenance will however be determined the machine user. If properly handled the cost of maintaining them can be very low. These machines required to be basically cleaned after every use. A vacuum cleaner is vital for cleaning the cutting edge while alcohol is also used to clean the encoder strip.

Advantages of using laser cutting machine

Many complex designs from different materials can be created using these machines as the cutting point of the laser moves in any direction. Tiny radii can also be made instantly and easily on any material by use of laser beams. Laser machine do not have parts that require constant replacement and they give quality cuts. To cut it short laser cutting process is a flexible and cost effective process.

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