It’s A Wonderful Time

Pregnancy is when a woman feels the least desirable, but is when she is the most beautiful. I remember my two pregnancies. I remember getting trapped in a Lazy-boy chair and having to roll over to crawl out of it. Not to mention stretch marks. I didn’t want to pass a mirror unless I was fully clothed so I could avoid seeing my red zebra stripes. That wasn’t how my husband remembers that time. What he remembers most is the awe that he felt when he realized that he was going to be a father and that his child was in me. He used to pet my baby bump and play with the kicking baby.

I did not have cravings with the first baby, but around 2AM one night in my second pregnancy I had to have some chocolate or the world would come to the end. I kicked poor Frank out of bed to get a case of candy bars. He tells people that the reason I craved chocolate was because I was pregnant with a girl. Of course, everyone knows women love chocolate!

Pregnancy can be the best time of your life if you allow it. Let the men go crazy doing stuff for you and relax. It is over too quickly.

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