Is Term Life Insurance Affordable

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If you are not familiar with insurance terminologies you will be confused with whole life and term life insurance. And you might even use them interchangeably. In fact, they are the same as they both are protection on the life of the policy owner. However, whole life policy can provide protection to policy owner until he or she reaches the age or 100 while term life insurance can over only up until the policy in is force.

Meaning, it has a shorter coverage than whole life. It is this characteristic of term life that makes it more affordable that whole life policies. It is also limited in the number or riders that you can attach to the mother policy. Whole life policy can have the term rider, the accidental benefit rider, the enhanced critical illness rider, the waiver of premium, among many others. Term life, on the other hand, cannot have all of these.

If you are not sure if you want to commit to a life insurance policy, but want insurance protection, you can buy a term life insurance. Term life insurance has a maturity date. It endows when it matures. It has no cash value. Unlike whole life policy, it can only protect a person up to a certain period of time. Term life insurance is less expensive to whole life insurance. However, it also offers lesser coverage. It can protect the policy owner up until the policy is still in force.

Unlike whole life policy which earns dividends, term life doe not. A person who has bought a term life insurance policy may choose to upgrade its policy to whole life. There are many insurance companies who allow this and they even waive additional medical check-ups that are required of first time policy owners. So if you are want a less expensive insurance coverage start with term life insurance.

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