Is Garcinia Cambogia A Miracle Or Myth?

            So is this pumpkin shaped fruit really the answer to our weight loss problems worldwide?<br /><br />Well like everything else I suppose only those who have tried can decide. <br /><br />Used in Indonesia for centuries the fruit has properties to suppress the appetite making you feel fuller for longer. This in turn tricks the body into burning existing stored fat. So in theory your body will be eating stored calories while you feel full due to the appetite suppressant. <br /><br />So again is this a true statement well research has shown that by using the property known as HCA from the fruit in a supplement can aid weight loss by 3 times as appose to not using anything. <br /> <br />I know your now thinking how?<br />Well the HCA boosts serotonin levels in the brain which controls those happy feelings, meaning we eat less as we already feel satisfied this is the appetite suppressant part. Hca then has a second process which blocks fat cells. this works by blocking the Citrate Lyase levels in the body. Citrate Lyase is what creates fat cells from carbohydrates so when this process is blocked the overall amount of fat cells created drops lowering cholesterol and adding that something extra to this weight loss aid. <br /> <br />So is it miracle or myth well weighing up all the research done and the fact that it has been passed own from generation to generation in Southeast Asia the odds are favorable, and ask yourself what will you lose by giving it a try. This is a new product to the western civilizations but centuries old in Asia. give it a try today start losing weight and feeling great. <br /> <br />My verdict more miracle than myth as generations of families can not be wrong. <br /> <br />There are no known reactions to Garcinia Cambogia supplements but as with any herbal remedies speak to your GP before commencing treatment.
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