Is Credit Monitoring a Scam?

Today in this article we will discuss about credit monitoring services. Different types of credit monitoring services are available in all over the world. You can consider them according to your choice and needs. It certainly would be reassuring to know that when we look for a business service to help meet a need, whether it be through the television, print media or the internet, that we could trust that service to treat us loyally. But, the reality is there are many fraudulent businesses out there that don’t have the best of intentions and claim to provide certain benefits to the consumer that they do not or cannot follow through on.

Unfortunately, some of these businesses are Credit Monitoring Services. A common scam perpetrated by Credit Monitoring Services is to lure you into trying their service on a 30-day trial basis and for doing so; you can receive a free credit report. Once you agree to the trial period, you get the free report, but you end up getting charged for the service anyway, despite the claim that if you cancel before the trial period is up, you will not get charged. One of the 3 major credit bureaus was found guilty of this. You can also search for best credit monitoring at, and many other websites.

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