iPhone 6 Expected Hardware Specs And Design

With the iPhone 6s anticipated September release date bearing-down on us, its time to take a look at all of the iPhone 6 hardware, software, design leaks and rumors.

As often there are a few mad leaks and iPhone 6 rumors which can be fake, or prototypes never meant to see the lighting of day, but theres also leaks that are enough reliable that we could construct a fairly good idea of exactly what the iPhone 6 will be. In very similar way that the number of rumors pointed to the iPhone 5C’s introduction, it looks like the iPhone 6 could have a bigger screen possibly 4.7 inches around 5.5 inches. The newest information suggests that this greater-monitor iPhone 6 could have a current solution of 1704 x 960 (or triple the base solution of 568 x 320).

A bigger monitor is a very important factor, but with stress on Apple to innovate within the mobile place, and Android (and Samsung) continuing to grab away marketshare, the iPhone 6 can be amazing on numerous methodologies which may be tough, considering this might be the first iPhone intended without aid from Steve Jobs. What can we assume from your iPhone 6? A wildly diverse form factor? A sapphire screen? Integration having an as yet- unannounced iWatch?

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