Improving Website Design

Once you have your domain name and taglines telling the search engines who you are and what you are about, it is time to take that keyword and incorporate it on other areas of your website. Every page on your website has a meta description section that tells the search engine spiders what your pages content is about in a brief few sentences.

These sentences should be keyword relevant to your niche and also have your domain name in there as well. To tell the spiders that your page is about “trimming puppies nails”, is too basic, it should say “Puppy Pampering techniques for trimming puppies nails”. This way you incorporate a keyword and your domain name in the same description which gives your website design much more relevance.

Take your Puppy Pampering keyword domain name and make sure you use it in page titles, all meta fields, keyword fields and in your footer section too. You want that keyword to be a part of each section that the search engine spiders will be crawling so that they can tie all your content together and place you as an authority in your niche. The more they give you authority the higher your pages will be in the search results and the more traffic will come to your website.

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