Importance Of Right Costume

Zumba Fitness involves hour long sessions of pure fun workouts which help you to burn calories and enjoy doing the same. It is a popular substitute to the treadmill as it gives a good enough exposure of cardio and resistance training along with the enthralling dance moves. However, to get all moves right you need to wear the right costume.

The first part of the costume begins from the bandana. It is essential that all hair is swept back from the face to avoid incidence of sweat dripping down the face. A bandana can be tied across your forehead to assist you here. As for the top, wearing a sweat shirt or tank top helps you to do all the moves well without the material getting in the way. The trousers must not resemble your working pants. Shorts or cropped pants that fit close to your skin or loose and comfortable pants giving you freedom of movement should be used. This will facilitate performance of all Samba-inspired moves. Footwear too, forms an important part of the ensemble and donning the right Zumba Shoes is equally essential.

All the Zumba moves are performed on hard gym floors. Hence comfortable footwear is necessary for you to sustain without hurting or causing pain to any part of your legs. At the same time it has to be seen that the socks worn within are capable of absorbing the sweat so that your feet remain dry and cool throughout your workout. Keeping a bottle of water handy to ensure that your body is well hydrated coupled with the correct costume will make the Zumba session fruitful.

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