Importance of Digital Caricatures


Digital caricature is a method of using computer technology to describe an event or a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and over simplification of others. It is usually a distinctive pictorial art usually an element of graphic art. Through the use of comic, satire and humor, caricature artists are able to expose, criticize and present their views on different social and political phenomena.

A digital caricature artist employs this skill for entertainment due to its versatility, uniqueness and perfect representation of events .This skill is also employed in politics since it allows easy understanding of people's political views. Caricatures of politicians are mostly done through editorial cartoons. In addition caricatures are also used as gifts or souvenirs which are mostly done by street vendors at small fee. Caricature artists may be hired for functions where they draw caricature for guests usually as a form of entertainment. Caricature is also used in trade shows and cooperate events for companies. Through its efficiency and perfect representations of information mostly by use of graphic illustration, this art is a good and efficient method of advertisement. The art of caricature is also employed to reflect the stylistic element of the art of its time. The influence of modernization is clearly evident in caricature of the early 20th century. This is through the caricature in the magazines of that time. By use of satirical drawings and plastic representation, a caricature artist is able to depict different characteristics for all these purposes.

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