How your twitter followers can boost your blog earnings

Are you blogging for quite some time now and still haven’t earned as much as $100/month? If you are a frustrated blogger who is frustrated to earn from your blog then, perhaps you have a problem with promoting your blog. Writing fresh, unique and interesting contents on your blog are not enough to increase traffic on your site. You should also know how to promote your posts. Suppose you are blogging on wordpress or blogger, you have the option to share your posts on your social networking accounts like twitter, Facebook and Google plus. Let’s say you have a thousand followers on twitter and you have tweet your posts on your twitter page. Hundreds of your followers that are online would be able to see it. They can choose to retweet it or mark it as favorite. You can tweet it another time but in different text format or else Twitter would mark it as spam. Once your followers start clicking on the links you would get instant amount of traffic from various computers. Isn’t that great?

What if you only few followers on twitter? Ask your Facebook friends to follow you on twitter, as well as your friends on Google plus. If you dont have time for this, buy targeted twitter followers instead. It’s faster compare to asking people to follow you or follow you back. You’ll have instant 1000+ followers in minutes and then, you can begin sharing your posts to them. Let your new followers interact with you so they would visit your site more often. Allow them to retweet your posts so they can share it to their followers as well. When more people start clicking on your link and start browsing on your site then you’ll gain high amount of traffic. In turn, more advertisers would get interested in posting their ads through your blog site. You will be able to earn more money. You can use it to buy your own domain suppose you dont have one yet and blog hosting. Thanks to your twitter followers they let you earn more.

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