How to troubleshoot Wireless Speakers?

Wireless speakers are convenient for adding music without running long speaker wires. They are fairly simple to set up and are typically packaged in a set. Some other models such as wireless outdoor speakers from Amphony are sold as separate components. However, what do you do if the speaker doesn’t output any music after you set it up? I will give some pointers on how to troubleshoot your speakers.

If your speaker runs off batteries then one possible cause is that the batteries are depleted. If the speakers also can operate with a wallwart then it is a good idea to try them out with the wallwart. If they don’t come with a power supply then charge the speaker batteries for at least a few hours and then try again.

Often, the problem is that there is no audio fed to the transmitter base. Some AV receivers will mute their line output which you may have connected to the transmitter while the amplifier is active. So make sure that you actually have a signal going to the transmitter. Also try replacing the connecting cable.

If you have the speaker set up fairly remotely then it is possible that you have exceeded the maximum range of the speaker. Place the speaker closer to the transmitter and try again.

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