How To Train Yourself For First Half Marathon

Completing a half marathon is not easy without some serious exercise. There are a few main points to follow that will ensure you to complete your first half marathon without any harm. The most important motivator in my view is to record your runs and able to see improvements over time as you explores them later on the charts. Theres no better motivator than watching these measurements improve over time, and in my opinion theres no better competitor than yourself.

Try to run the same track each time so you can compare time and speed and make your goal to improve the overall speed. Running for at least 30 minutes should be the aim and it can be increased to anywhere up to an hour as the half marathon day approaches. If you are searching for races, you will find all about half marathon at,

The goal of fast running is to not have to stop and walk. You should feel what your body can do and push only so hard during the fast running that you don’t need to walk during the recovery. Run as slow as you like to improve, but listen and feel for your fitness level so that when you run hard you won’t be so exhausted that you need to walk to improve. Fast running should teach you to feel how hard you can run, and how to run slow enough to improve without having to stop or walk.

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