How to Prepare For Your Scuba Diving Vacation

Have you ever desired to discover the underwater world, to see the magnificent sea life and get a chance to observe it closely? Have you contemplated scuba on your next vacation to ingest this beautiful world? So let's commence with your first steps.

Getting Started with Scuba requires special training. This training requires three stages:

  • Academic review which includes the physics and physiology of diving;
  • Pool training to learn and practice basic skills;
  • Open-water checkout dives to establish mastery of basic dive skills.

Since there is no shortcut to the training process, there are adaptable training programs. You can consider scuba diving in Fiji to explore more about underwater world.

Home-study packages provide the same training materials which are found in traditional courses, including academics presentations on VHS or DVD and Blu-ray tape. Students can study the core academics at their own pace before scheduling an academic review, pool training and checkout dives with an instructor at dive store or at a dive resort.

Scuba is a gear-intensive sport because you aren't designed to swim, keep warm or deep breathing underwater. You'll at least need a mask, fins and snorkel.

Your face mask creates an oxygen pocket which is placed before your eye and nose area, so that you can see plainly underwater and equalize the pressure on your ears when you go deeper. Snorkels are breathing tubes that enable you to breathe during swimming. Scuba fins convert your kicks in the easy and productive motion through water. 

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