How To Pick A Wireless Kit For Your Surround Speakers

If you are looking to untie your home theater surround speakers then you’ll need to look at some speaker kits. There are several models on the market that lend themselves to this purpose. I will review a few of these and give some shopping recommendations.

There are two types of surround speaker kits on the market. The first type is proprietary and will only wok if combined with a specific AV receiver made by the same manufacturer. Such AV receivers are usually marked as “wireless ready”. Some AV receivers, however, already have a built-in transmitter. If you have one of those models than all you need to do is purchase the wireless receiver and you are good to go.

The second type of speaker kits are called “universal kits”. Those kits are not tied to any specific manufacturer and are a great choice in case your AV receiver is not wireless ready or if you are planning to swap out your receiver in the future. The transmitter of these universal kits typically has speaker inputs and sometimes also line-level audio inputs. Make sure that you have at least speaker inputs since most AV receivers will not give you line-level audio outs for the two rear surround channels.

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