How To Pick A 5 Star Resort

When taking a holiday or honeymoon, what better means to go than to stay in a 5 star resort? Whether you are gone for a number of nights or a couple months, a 5 star paraiso bay luxury resort is a the perfect option for you.
Unlike the restaurant world, there are no criteria a hotel or resort must move to get certified with their star rating. Nonetheless, in most states, these evaluations are bound by national standards so you can be sure that if your resort is proudly displaying 5 stars, you will be checking into luxury. These 5-star ratings are granted based on services, amenities along with the chambers.


One of the standard of service at 5-star resort, staff will likely be polite, well-spoken and knowledgeable about their section, at least two complementary papers will be available, room service will be available 24 hrs a day, there will be an onsite restaurant providing at least breakfast and dinner, when there is a pool, some sort of complimentary refreshment should be offered in a 90 minute time period.


Washrooms will feature fresh flowers and clear and well maintained cloth towels.


The rooms in the resort will have 3 telephones including 1 in the toilet, you will see an ice-pail with clean tongs and high quality glasses, as well as in the washrooms, there will be fresh blossoms in the guest rooms, the restroom within the guest room will obtain a separate shower and bathtub.

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