How to Handle a Cracked Foundation

In the U. S., Texas is just one of the areas whose soil is abundant in clay. The expansive properties of clay causes many problems for architectural designers and builders who need to make certain that a structure’s foundation will remain strong. When problems develop, its time to bring in a local foundation repair company.

The first thing a foundation repair specialist will do is an analysis of your structure’s architectural stability. This will help them determine why your foundation created the crack and develop a strategy to use the most cost effective repair method to prevent additional issues in future.

One possible solution is addition of cement which is pumped below the foundation to fill in the gaps developed during construction. The technique, which is widely called mud-jacking calls for specialized equipment which will not be available to the typical homeowner or a commercial building owner.

Steel piers installed beneath the foundation are a well-established repair technique. To be successful, the piers are driven to the bedrock and loaded with cement which then makes the home stable. This is one of the more expensive techniques but when installed correctly, will last a lifetime.

Many homes are built on a pier and beam foundation with a dirt crawl space. This was a very common building technique up until the late 1950s until replaced by the slab foundation. Dirt crawl spaces, particularly when vented to the outside atmosphere, are a magnet for water. This excess moisture under your home can cause beams to develop wood rot and fungus. These weakened structures then result in sagging floors and broken support piers. The best solution is to waterproof the crawl space by encapsulation and to replace the damaged piers and beams. This can be handled by an experienced foundation repair company specializing in pier and beam foundations.

Cracked foundation repair is considered as expensive and might be among the reasons a lot of individuals think about handling it as a DIY project. Nevertheless, it would certainly be beneficial to consider a permanent solution from an experienced local company to make sure the problem is fixed permanently.

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