How To Find The Cheapest Android Tablets?

The start of advanced mobile operating systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android has changed the world of cellular phones. Apple, being a branded organization, manufactures high-end smart phones and tablets for wealthy clients. They have partial devices in exchange and therefore supply to a specific range of customers. On the other hand, Android is an open source technology, which makes it easier for any phone manufacturer to use it on their devices. Here are some terms that you should check before you pay for your best deals on tablets:

Screen size: Android tablets come in different sizes. Normally a tablets have a diagonal length in the range of 7-inch to 10-inch. A 7 inch android tablet is best for you in case you want to bring it in your hand most of the time. On the other end, if you propose to keep it in your bag or your coat pocket, you could also choose for a 10 inch tablet.

Processing speed: Tablets are made-up to be used for multi-tasking purposes, which is why they need to have a covered processing speed. Presently, dual-core and quad-core computers are being delivered with mid-range tablets, and therefore one should consider them to be the standard. Moreover, the device should offer a smallest internal memory of 512 MB so as to handle applications downloaded from the Android Play center.

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