How to Do Basic Slab Leak Detection & Repair

A slab leak detection & repair is comparatively difficult than standard leak detection because the pipes are buried behind slabs. Professional plumbers use specialized equipment to identify the exact location of the slab leaks in your home. However, homeowners can do basic slab detection in an average home to make sure that they can call on professional help before more damage is done. You can try these methods.

Flashlight Method
A basic flashlight can be used to help you check for slab leaks is particular areas of your home. You can aim the flashlight at the base of your water heater, washing machine, or any water appliance that is installed on a concrete slab floor in your basement. Play with the beam from the flashlight around the area of the appliance to check for traces of water. You can also use your hands to check if there is water spill at the base of the water appliances. This will help you identify if the water comes from a concrete slab leak or dripping out of the appliance.

Use Your Hands
Your hands serve as your best tools to detect slab leaks. Simply run your hands along the edges of concrete slab floors in your home that are on an incline. You are looking for possible signs of moisture, which can be a sign that there is a slab leak underneath. If there are any cracks or breaks on your concrete slab floor, pass your hand over it and see if it comes out wet. This can be an indication of a slab leak.

The basic repair that any homeowner can do when a slab leak has been detected is to pick up the phone and get the services of slab leak detection & repair specialist to get rid of the problem at once.

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