How to Considerably Improve your Website Conversions

The conversion rate is an index of the amount of potential customers that you may have. When you think about this in the context of a website, this refers to the percent of site visitors that actually buy. According to internet marketing Minnesota specialists, a lot of people with online businesses concentrate their efforts on just increasing the amount of visitors they have but not following through on nurturing those visitors so they can become paying customers. Here are some tips to correct that.

Make Things Easy for your Customers

Ease of Access

Navigating your website should never feel like trying to solve an ancient mystery. When people visit your website it should be clear cut and streamlined for all types of users to navigate with ease. Accessibility is a major concern that you should address at the earliest time possible. Online customers are very capricious and if it feels like you need to be a rocket scientist just to be able to browse the tabs and menus then they will just simply move on to the next website most likely your competitor.


Do not make the mistake of having your website designed solely for either Safari users or Internet Explorers. There are a great number of people out there that do not care whether they use Safari or IE. Make sure that your website is compatible with other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. People will forgive you if you no longer include Netscape in this list.

Optimized for E-Commerce

If you are selling something online like a product or service, make sure that your site is able to guide the customer on how to avail and pay for these. Make sure that your Add to Basket button is clearly seen on both the top and the bottom of the page. Calls to action do not have to sound too salesy but should be clear and accurate of what your customers can expect whenever they click a link.

To learn more on how to optimize your site conversions, talk to a search engine optimization Minneapolis specialist today

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