How to Conduct Political Polls

To properly conduct political polls you must be aware of the errors to avoid.

Scope of Coverage
There are many political polls that do not take into consideration all people of interest. This means that either not all sectors are considered or the sampling group may be too small to generate an accurate result. Coverage error can have a substantial enough effect on the poll that it can negate any credible result from the data that has been obtained. Sometimes, using the wrong medium can affect the efficiency of the scope of coverage. Calling respondents for example can be a good strategy because majority has phones, but, this can also mean the possibility of calling respondents twice if they have two phones.

Rate of Response
This refers to the actual proportion of respondents that gave a valid answer on the questionnaire given to them. Based on the experience of Forlex Sales, there are instances where poll respondents would either be too busy or simply uninterested in answering questions. Professional and experienced agencies make use of various strategies to improve the response rate like doing call backs for example. It is important to make sure that the rate of response reaches an acceptable level.

Proper Measurement
If you want to do polls properly, you must learn to avoid measurement errors. This reflects directly on the accuracy of the result, which is why it becomes so important. Proper measurement also relates to the ability to distinguish between honest responses and canned ones that are intended merely to please so that the respondents can be on their way. Measuring the response should also take into consideration whether the question was understood properly by the respondent.

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