How Menswear Can Be Incorporated Into Women’s Fashion

The women’s fashion trend of wearing menswear has kept its popularity for several years. Menswear is flattering on women and can really be combined with female pieces for a balanced look. Women interested in incorporating menswear into their design should try out several types of menswear options to see which piece is correct for them. When worn correctly, menswear on women is at once both ordered and glamorous. You will get to know more about women fashion taste and trend more broadly, if you will read about women fashion blogs from (called as lire blog mode femme a partir de in French),,, etc. for now you can read these points given below for your help:

1) Wear a traditional white button-down. This classic top is a must have for girls looking to incorporate menswear into their personal style. Easy to outfit, the button down offers a clear, tailored look with just a touch of masculine energy. Couple a button down with jeans and ballerina flats for a comfortable, gathered look.

2) Accessorize with mens wear inspired pieces. Neckties are worn by Diane Keaton, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Paul Smith and D & G have both featured bowties on the runway. A fedora completes an ensemble with a punch of structure.

3) Dress in tailored blazers. Karl Lagerfeld and a la Marc Jacobs, fitted blazers and jackets can be layered over billowy blouses or close dresses.

4) Wear pants. Menswear pants have a fluid, slouchy look. Outfit with a ruffled, female blouse and also a thin belt. Other great options are a fitted, pastel-colored top with traditional heavier designs on trousers for a balanced ensemble.

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