How Leonard Cohen Hired Neal Greenberg (Personal Manager)

Neal Greenberg was a banker with a reputable investment firm. This man was brought to manage Cohen’s money by Lynch in 1996, when Cohen went to study to be a monk in mount baldy. Cohen started getting worried when he heard the news that Neal had built a renowned firm known as the agile group and was also managing more than $500,000 million of other people’s money. During Greenberg’s lawsuit hearing, it came out clearly that Lynch was the one behind Cohen’s financial woes. Greenberg indicated that Lynch had instructed him to send Cohen an email on monthly basis, but leave out the day to day activities. In his suit, Greenberg claimed that he had told Cohen everything regarding how his luxurious lifestyle had drained his investment.

On the other hand, Cohen claims that he was duped by these two professionals who he was paying handsomely. Although Greenberg claims that he sent Cohen monthly emails it was not clear whether Cohen received them. The information Cohen received from Neal’s emails was that his retirement savings were 100% safe. In fact, Cohen said he had no idea that Lynch had become a majority share holder of traditional holdings, to him all this was not adding up. Watch Mahee Ferlini upload to see Cohen’s reaction to these issues.

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