How I Was Able To Get A New Washing Machine With The Help Of 100 Day Loans

Recently I needed some extra cash to purchase a new washing machine, after my last one broke down on me half way through the washing cycle. The only bad thing about it, was that I did not have $600 to purchase a new washer and I didn’t exactly enjoy thinking about going to a laundromat just to wash my clothes. That is when I went online and found 100dayloans, they are a payday loan provider that operates in my state and I was able to get a loan that would cover the cost of a new washing machine. I had never taken out a payday loan before and was not sure what to expect. But after submitting my personal information and employment details through the 100 day loans website, I was shocked to find out that I was already approved for a loan for the total amount I had asked for. Honestly, I thought I would have to fill out more information or fax documents, like a printout from my bank account or other details to them. However, I was extremely surprised when after filling out the short forms on their website, that I was already approved for the loan and the funds would be wired to my checking account.

As soon as I got the money in my checking account, I went to the local sears department store and purchased the new washing machine. And had it delivered in just a few days, with plenty of time to hook it up over the weekend. I am not sure what I would of done had I not found out about 100 day loans, I suppose I would be at a laundromat washing my clothes until I saved up for a new washing machine. So if you are in need of some extra money to pay your bills or purchase a new washing machine, I would highly recommend 100 day loans to get you the cash you need.

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