How Fresh Web Content Helps Your SEO Efforts

Providing high quality content is a huge factor in seo and every edmonton seo company knows that they have to pay attention to the content and ensure that it is well written. However, providing good content is not the only thing that matter, a company should also make sure that their sites content does not remain static. Freshness happens to be one of the things that are included in the search algorithm of major search engines and there are ways to make sure that the content in your site remains fresh. For one, be sure to update your sites content on a regular basis. Dont allow a huge span of time to take place before you decide to update the content in the site. Another thing that you can do is to add something to old posts in case you discover some tips related to the topic which is being discussed. One of the best examples of living content is Wikipedia. You can actually find that the content in the site is constantly increasing and there are changes in its content. With this tip in mind, be sure to see whether your companys site is kept fresh or if it is high time to start resurrecting your content.

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