How Easy Is It To Earn Cash In Second Life?

There are many rumors floating on the web about Second Life regarding making linden dollars easily. People want to know that is it possible to make a good living by making Linden Dollars (L$) in Second Life and turning them into real money. Being a second life player I want to share the key points in making L$ easily or without any hassle. Here are three great ways to earn linden dollars and ultimately real dollars:

a) ‘Buy linden dollars’ (also known as ‘comprar linden dollar’ in Spanish expression) directly from the LindeX or xchange4ls or Linden labs. This really is absolutely the easiest way to get your L$, though it is not ethical. However, by obtaining them this manner; you have more resources to buy the things you want on Second Life. Besides, as the old saying goes, “you have to spend money to earn money,” and this applies in Second Life as well as in real life.

b) Obtain a work in Second Life – If you decide that you need to earn L$ by finding a job in Second Life then you should keep in mind that you won’t make much money by working for somebody else. Jobs in Second Life are just as tough as in real life.

c) Beginning your own business in Second Life or become a Real Estate Baron. Online experience is not the only necessity for starting a company in Second Life. In fact a lot of time, your own real world experience can help you in earning L$.

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