How Do I Know Which Calorie Plan To Be On For The Total Choice Plan?

The Total choice Plan will help you drop a few pounds quickly that you can maintain using the Total Choice Plan. Sometimes seeing early results can keep you going when times get tough. The Total Choice Plan is built around two levels of daily calorie intake: 1200 calories and 1600 calories. Take the Total Choice Assessment to figure out which plan you should be following. Which one you’re on depends on how old you are, how tall you are and how active you are. Men should only be on the 1600 calorie diet unless otherwise advised by a physician.

 There’s no shopping list for all of the recipes since that would be a long list. Is there a shopping list for me to follow? Many of the fresh ingredients would spoil before you used them. Each recipe will have an ingredients list that you can conveniently email to yourself for reference while shopping. Instead, you’ll choose your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert) from in advance. You also have the option of printing each recipe directly from the website. Having a steak sandwich for breakfast instead of eggs is probably not the way to go. The key is to stick to the core idea of the recipe.

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