How Businesses Use Coupon And Promotional Codes

Standard promotional methods that are employed in normal circumstances such as online advertising, print, television and radio are some of the of the methods that are used by businesses to promote their products and services. Large businesses can ensure to take advantage of the same, because they have a larger scope for exploiting it. They function over a larger geographic area and as such can accept orders for their products from any customers within that area. Smaller businesses on the other hand don’t have the same financial capacity and as such prefer going for a limited advertising effort. For them, television, radio and traditional print advertising is often wasted, unless it is very targeted. What they can do however is to opt for either mobile marketing, in which case they often send out promotional codes to their customers via a text message, or opt for a very targeted email campaign, say for customers in the same city. Usually targeted email campaigns are difficult to manage unless the subscription list is very good. Then there is the question of open rate. Emails will usually have a significant amount of bounce rate and spam markings. Comparatively mobile text messages are almost certainly opened and read. As a result for a targeted discount code or promotional activity, mobile marketing is a better option for a small business.

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