How Being Overweight Affects Fertility

As free as it may be, getting pregnant can turn out to be the most challenging and more complicated issue a woman experiences. Of course getting pregnant can be easy but having a healthy pregnancy life may prove otherwise for some. Having your health at a moderate level is crucial for those hoping to be pregnant and become parents. You may wonder how infertility is linked to obese and overweight. Well, here is the link; how heavy a woman is determines her fertility rate.

In other words, studies have shown that most of the health problems including infertility are associated with obesity and overweight. Obese is not the direct cause of infertility but it is the cause of healthy hazards that lead to it. A problem like having irregular periods can affect your ability to get pregnant. That is why offers you adequate diet plans that are important for you as a woman to keep yourself fit and avoid such contradictions.

Basically, an imbalance in reproductive hormones promotes a disrupted menstrual circle and irregular ovulation which adversely affects the possibility of becoming pregnant. This will result in a condition known as Anovulation. There is also a high chance of experiencing a miscarriage for women with obese cases. Doctors recommend weight loss and a varied lifestyle for women with obesity by exercising and avoiding calorie rich food.

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