How A Laser Cutting Machine Works

Laser cutting involves use of flexible machines in cutting material range such as metals, ceramics, plastic and wood. A laser is a device that controls the rate at which an energized atom releases photons. The word laser is an acronym of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. How a laser cutting machine works In industrial laser cutting works, a well defined spot is concentrated with high energy amounts. As a result, materials in the highly concentrated region vaporize. Oxygen gas mixed with other gases such as Carbon (IV) oxide blows the hot materials out. The beam of energy is thus created but used where need to avoid overheating the surrounding area.

Types of lasers There are quite a number of laser cutters designed using various principles. One type is the CO2 laser which uses carbon (IV) oxide gas. The gas is very efficient when it comes to raising beams. However due to the global cry to reduce its emission, many laser manufacturers are opting for other ways. Other laser types such as fiber lasers use Neodymium which is diffused in glass to create a lasing beam. CO2 lasers are efficient when cutting glass, plastic and wood because they emit infrared radiation with a high wavelength. Fiber lasers on the other hand have a very high frequency and thus used in cutting metals such as copper due to their low wavelengths.

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