Hospitality for a Day to Remember

When it comes to entertaining guests, treating them to a professional football match is one of the most memorable days you can offer. Major clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal all offer a selection of hospitality packages to suit business needs. For instance, a chelsea hospitality package would offer a top level game, food and drinks. This offers some of the finest cuisine, attention to detail and a personal service all set in luxurious and impressive surroundings. Your guests can indulge in the finest whilst watching a game from the greatest football league in the world.

A match day at a premiership football ground offers a memorable experience for any occasion. Whether entertaining business clients, indulging friends and family or simply wishing to soak up the match day experience in style, a hospitality package makes an excellent choice.

If you are tasked with hosting on a regular basis, then most football clubs offer an Annual Hospitality Membership which offers greater value for money. You can choose from packages which are more a formal affair such as a 4 course dining menu with champagne on arrival or you can go for a more casual feel where chefs prepare a hot table buffet so that guests can help themselves.

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