Honeymoon Ideas for a Unique, Memorable Experience

Marriage marks the start of aa couples life. Its the time when they live together and begin raising a family. An exciting part of this occasion is the honeymoon. This is why your honeymoon should be unique and memorable.

Explore the Last Frontier
Antarctica, believe it or not, is a great way to enjoy your honeymoon. An article from Inside Week Mag lists Antarctica as one of the top destinations when going for a cruise. You can book a cruise to the area and see the vast expanse of icebergs and glaciers along with its teeming wildlife.

Revisit Historical Sites
Machu Picchu is not only historical, but also scenic and romantic. You can climb up the famous Inca Trail to have a breathtaking site of Peru. If you dont feel like tracing back Peruvian history, you can always visit other historical sites such as Englands Stonehenge, Cambodias Angkor Wat, or Chinas Great Wall.

Camp Out
Pitch a tent or drive an RV as you camp out. You can go to the mountains or nature parks to enjoy a night together in front of a bonfire. Camping is a great way to bond together and make a memorable honeymoon without going over the expenses.

Do Something Exciting
Sometimes, its the activity that makes an event memorable. You have many choices to do something exciting for your honeymoon. You can bike around the Netherlands and see the thousands of flowers in full bloom, especially during spring. Go on a long road trip without a fixed destination, just you two driving across the states. You can take the excitement to a whole new level and skydive together.
Honeymoons shouldnt be the usual set up of spending a night in a posh hotel or first-class spa. Today, its a better idea to make it something you, as a couple, wouldnt forget.

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