Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Maintaining your home to keep its value or even increase it is an important part of being a homeowner. No matter how small your current house is, there is always something you can do in order to increase its market value and your equity, making it easier to sell and upgrade in the future. Provided that you have kept up to date with maintenance and there are no obvious things to fix first, a yearly home improvement project can greatly increase the value of your home if you choose it wisely.

Bathrooms and Kitchens Flooring
Changing the floor on the bathroom and kitchen is often a good way of renovating the entire room without spending a lot of money. Floating vinyl plank is one of the most affordable options you will find in terms of flooring, and can make an old bathroom look luxurious again with very little work. For the kitchen, consider refinishing your countertops every few years to keep them looking great.

Loft Conversions
If you have a loft that gets little use, it can be transformed into another room for relatively low money, and it requires less space than an extension. You could create a room for growing teenagers, or even a guest room that will add value if you ever decide to sell, and will also make your home more comfortable.

Things such as installing a shower over the bathtub (easy to do yourself using a shower diverter kit and some basic plumbing knowledge) or faux-marble countertops will make your bathroom more useful and improve its looks, particularly if you want to sell but can’t afford to invest a lot of money remodelling.

Basement Conversions
If you have the budget, transforming your cellar into a family room will not only improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce humidity, but also increase your living space. However, it is very important to hire a professional to perform the work as the insulation and the support elements for the rest of the house need to be top notch.

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