Home Comforts You Might Miss in Germany

If you are about to make the move overseas to Germany then there are a few things which you might discover that you miss from back home in the UK. Whether you are relocating due to work opportunities or simply for a change of lifestyle, youll find these little hints and tips invaluable for your removals to Germany.

Teabags Yes, the humble teabag! We Brits love our tea and if youve got your favourite cuppa then pack a few boxes. Tea is not offered in the same choice over in Germany, yes you might find some German equivalents but they are not often to taste, so bring your own!

Soft Toilet Roll it might sound daft but soft toilet roll is very expensive in Germany and so it pays to stock up from the UK.

Satellite System If you are a UK Sky subscriber then do not forget to bring your system with you. The box will work in Germany and it is surprisingly easy to set up. However, Americans need not bother, USA systems are useless in Germany.

Bacon Another British beloved classic and well worth bringing along. You cant buy British style back bacon in Germany and the same goes for good old Pork Sausages!

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