Hiring A Bail Agent On My Behalf

Bail Bonds Neon
Bail Bonds Neon (Photo credit: spike55151)

I had to hire the services of a bail agent in order to post me bail bonds after I was arrested for illegally firing my gun a few days back and injuring a person in the process. In my defense, I actually fired in self defense as the person in question entered our property at the dead of the night and did not know his situation and when I tried to confront him he threw something at my face and tried to run away so I thought he was a robber or something and I had to shoot his legs to avoid him escaping. It turned out it was just a teen who was trying to hide from something and he ended up inside my gates and he panicked when I confronted him ending up in that situation.

The parents of the teen filed a case against me and I was arrested as the gun I had was not licensed yet. I did not have money at the time I was arrested and the relatives I had lived quite far away for them to be the bail bonders for me.

So I had no choice but to hire one in the station as a bail agent. I put up my car as a collateral for him, and I ensured him that I would attend all of the hearings from that point on. I did not have any criminal records before so I was a good risk as they termed it, and hearing my case, the bail agent knew that I had a good chance of winning the case levied against me. But it really is a tragic incident which could have been avoided, but I guess I admit I made some lapses in judgment, though not everything was my fault too, so I knew I had to defend myself in this case against me.

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