HIPAA Certification for Job Seekers

There are thousands of healthcare jobs available and listed in newspaper classified ads or online employment websites. Though, there are many jobs available, employers are looking for the right candidates to fill the vacancies. HIPAA certification is a skill that can help you get the job you are seeking. HIPAA is the national healthcare privacy law that requires the confidentiality of patient health information. Anyone with access to medical records needs to have completed HIPAA training. HIPAA certification is a valuable qualification for anyone providing healthcare or other services like medical billing and medical transcription services. HIPAA certification is an exam that tests one’s knowledge of the HIPAA privacy laws. Therefore, the HIPAA certified job candidate is more trusted as they are proven to be more versed in the law. This is important due to the fact that organizations are subject to fines and penalties for any breach of protected health information or for any violations of the HIPAA laws. With this, apart from practices qualifying for the stage one and two of the stimulus incentive program without fully going on a paperless system, they also get to fulfill the HITECH meaningful use requirement faster by combining the certified individual modules.

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